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terminal equipment identifier (TEI)

The Terminal Equipment Identifier (TEI), also called Terminal Endpoint Identifier, is part of the Layer 2 address in the D channel protocol. The TEI is used as an identifier for the unique assignment of messages to a specific terminal

or Layer 2 connection. The Terminal Endpoint Identifier enables multiple logical Layer 2 connections in the D channel; typically one per

terminal.A logical Layer 2 connection is a secured connection with SAPI

0 or 16 and a specific TEI value. There are several TEI values that are used on an application-specific basis. The TEI with thevalue 0 is used exclusively for point-to-point connections

for signalingTk systems

. Terminal Equipment Identifiers (TEI) with values from 1 to 63 can be used for devices with preset TEI; for example, an X.25 terminal as TE1. Higher TEI values between 64 and 126 are automatically assigned by the exchange. TEI 127 is reserved for broadcast messages to address all terminal devices connected to the S0 bus.

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