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Teleshopping is an interactive telecommunications service. In teleshopping, the product is presented on a personal computer( PC) or television, and the order is placed by telephone, e-mail or fax. For teleshopping, which belongs to tele-commerce, there are different forms of presentation and ordering. For example, a telephone number can be displayed with the product presentation, which must be dialed, or the order is entered by clicking the mouse, as in online shopping on the Internet.

In contrast to a normalstore or an online store, teleshopping only offers certain goods, services and products, namely only those that are presented. So the customer never sees the entire offer and therefore cannot choose from it. As far as prices, discounts, delivery and payment terms and return options are concerned, the customer is informed about these by the presenters and/or the most important conditions are displayed.

Example of teleshopping, screenshot:

Example of teleshopping, screenshot:

Since conventional television does not have a return channel, the customer can only place his order by telephone, fax or e-mail. DigitalVideoBroadcasting( DVB) provides for a return channel in all concepts, regardless of the type of broadcast, which can be terrestrial, via satellite or via broadband cable networks. In the case of terrestrial broadcasting, it is DVB Return Channel Terrestrial( DVB-RCT), in the case of satellite broadcasting, DVB Return Channel Satellite( DVB-RCS), and in the case of cable distribution networks, DVB Return Channel for Cable( DVB-RCC). These concepts have the advantage that the customer can enter the order information via the remote control and does not have to set up a separate order channel via telephone, fax or e-mail.

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