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telephony user part (SS7) (TUP)

The Telephony User Part (TUP) is an ISDN gateway for SS7 signaling to adapt the different national signaling procedures for international connections.

Only the basic telephone services can be transmitted with the Telephony User Part because the number of protocol elements supported by all connected ISDN networks is substantially limited. Supported services include call setup, busy signaling, and call termination. Additional services or teleservices cannot be transmitted. Carrier services can be distinguished between the 64 kbit/s service and the 3.1 kHz audio service.

The extended Telephone User Part TUP+ is capable of transmitting the defined bearer services and the five basic supplementary services of Euro-ISDN.

Protocol stack of the SS7 protocol

Protocol stack of the SS7 protocol

With the introduction of Euro-ISDN, which uses the Digital Subscriber System No. 1( DSS1) signalling protocol, a uniform network interface was defined based on the standard ISDN User Part( ISUP).

The Telephony User Part is specified by the International Telecommunication Union( ITU) and standardized under Q.763.

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