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telephone socket

The subscriber connection unit (TAE), also referred to as the telecommunications connection unit (TAE), forms the termination of the local network, which is implemented in the form of a subscriber connection box( TA). As a plug system, this connection box uses the TAE plug of the same name.

In the TAE connection unit, which is installed at the end customer, the analogsignal is separated into the voice signal and the data signal. The voice signal is fed to the telephone and the data signal to the modem to which the computer is connected.

TAE connection with N-coding

TAE connection with N-coding

The TAE connection socket is coded in the sockets by additional cut-outs for the telephone service (F- coding) and other non-telephone services (N-coding). TAE sockets can be interconnected. To do this, the a/b connection lines connected to contacts 1/2 and looped through the TAE socket are taken off at contacts 6/5 and fed to contacts 1/2 of the next TAE socket connected in series. With this wiring technique, only one telecommunication terminal can be active on the exchange line at any one time.

The TAE connection box is connected to the terminal box via the terminalline.

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