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Telelearning is an interactive telecommunications service. In this online education service, the learner and the teacher are physically separated from each other. The learner can control the learning independently and, by means of differentiated compilation of the learning content, adapt it to his or her level of knowledge. The learning content is computer-based and can be presented in a variety of forms including text, graphics, animations, audio and video.

The methodical structure of online learning offers the learner the possibility to call up learning content in a targeted manner, independent of location and time, to adapt the learning speed to his or her needs and to intervene in the learning and examination cycle via interaction. Furthermore, the support of the learner by teletutors is an important part of telelearning, as well as the communication between the learners.

Examples of telelearning are e-learning, web-based training(WBT) and mobile-based training( MBT). Areas of application are in the private sector as well as in professional training.

The basic idea of telelearning is that the learning content is managed at a central location in a server and fed into the telecommunications networks. This means that the learning content can be updated quickly.

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