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telecommunication outlet (wiring) (TO)

The local loop( TA) is the access interface for end devices to the corporate network, or the end point of structured cabling. Inhome c abling for information and communications technology( ICT), this endpoint is also referred to as the information technology connection or telecommunication outlet (TO).

The telecommunication outlet, also referred to as the telecommunication junction box, can be located in the floor, in the wall, or in a duct system. The junction box contains sockets of the selected connector system.

RJ-45 components of a data socket

RJ-45 components of a data socket

Each junction box should have at least two connections, and only certain combinations of connections are allowed: The first port must be wired with a TP cable ofcategory 3 or higher. The second port should be either co-wired with a category 5 TP cable or wired with fiber optic cables. It is important that at least one connection corresponds to category 5.

No impedance transformers, capacitors or inductors may be used in the junction boxes. The contact assignment to the conductor pairs must be recognizable from the outside. Data sockets have a field for labeling on the outer plastic cover. It is essential that they are carefully labeled.

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