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tele management forum (TM)

The Telemanagement Forum (TM Forum) is the world's leading institution focused on application integration for service providers in the information and telecommunications technology sectors. The Forum consists of over 700 members from more than 195 countries.

The TM Forum creates business-relevant industry standards for application integration. Since application interfaces make a decisive contribution to this, the TM Forum is working intensively on this topic and standardizing it. One of the focal points is data management. One of the objectives of the Telemanagement Forum is to create guidelines for improving the management and operation of cross-enterprise business processes. This includes New Generation Operations Systems and Software( NGOSS) defined by the TM Forum with its four central frameworks for processes, information, system integration and applications.

The four central frameworks of NGOSS

The four central frameworks of NGOSS

The process-oriented framework is the Business Process Framework and is implemented through the Enhanced Telecom Operations Map( eTOM). The Information Framework is a generic information and data model and is formed by the Shared Information and Data Model( SID). The System Integration Framework is realized by the Technology Neutral Architecture( TNA), which is connected to the Applications Framework, the Telecom Applications Map( TAM).

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