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The term tap is used whenever a component or cable is tapped in order to dissipate a voltage or signal via it. A tap is a fixed tap, in contrast to a slider, a sliding sliding contact.

  1. In CATV technology, a tap is a component used to create taps on coaxial cables.

  2. In baseband Ethernet or IEEE 802.3, tap refers to the component used to connect a transceiver to the coaxial cable.

  3. In wideband systems, a passive device that takes a portion of the signal power from the cable branch and passes it to the output line is called a tap. Here it forms the input/output to/from the network.

  4. In the case of resistors, a tap is a fixed tap that represents a specific resistance value. A resistor may well contain several taps. The taps are always located between the two fixed end points of the resistors and act like a voltage divider.

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