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surface mounted technology (SMT)

SMT technology (Surface Mounted Technology) is a surface mounting method that simplifies the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs) on printed circuit boards and printed circuit boards.

The SMD components required for assembly are characterised by their extremely small design and are soldered directly onto the copper-clad assembly side of the PCB during assembly. They do not require any drill holes like the wired components for through hole technology(THT), much less space and can be mounted on thinner boards on the placement side and the solder side.

PCB in SMT technology

PCB in SMT technology

The SMT boards can be assembled fully automatically. The placement capacity can be up to 100,000 SMD components per hour and even more. Since the SMD components are extremely small, the labeling is only done by a code that is printed on the board. The SMD components are soldered to the tracks using the reflow process.

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