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super CCD (SCCD)

The Super CCD (SCCD) is a CCD sensor developed by Fujifilm in the 1990s with high resolution and light sensitivity compared to classic CCD sensors. The difference lies in the optimization of the pixel format.

While classic CCD sensors have rectangular pixels, Super CCD sensors have octagonal pixels, making better use of the available chip area. Other sensors, such as the EXR sensor, have round pixels and a different pixel arrangement. In addition, the pixels include those with high and lower light sensitivity.

SCCD sensor with octagonal pixels

SCCD sensor with octagonal pixels

The latter can process high light intensities and thus increase the dynamic range. The optimal arrangement of the octagonal pixels also significantly increases the resolution. Super CCD sensors were already available in 2006 with 8 megapixels( MP) in 2007 with 12 MP and in 2010 with the same number of pixels in 1/2" size.

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