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subminiature B (SMB)

The SMB(Subminiature B) connector is similar to the SMA connector, but it is larger and designed for thicker coaxial cables. 10 mm thick coaxial cables with an impedance of75 Ohm can be connected to the SMB connector.

SMB connector, photo: NoCat

SMB connector, photo: NoCat

The SMB connector, which has a snap-in coupling, is designed for frequencies up to 4 GHz, but can be used up to frequencies of 10 GHz. The voltage standing wave ratio for the straight connector version is 1.33 at 2 GHz; with the angled connector, the VSWR increases to 1.43 at 2 GHz, and the insertion loss is 0.30 decibels( dB) at 1.5 GHz. The SMB connector is rated for approximately 500 mating cycles.

The SMB connector is also available in a miniaturized version that is one- third smaller. This version is called sub-SMB, SSMB.

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