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stripe filter

CCDsensors and CMOS sensors are used as image sensors in digital cameras and camcorders. These light sensors are not color-sensitive and can only perceive differences in brightness.

To enable single- chip digital cameras to capture color information, the light is split into the primary colorsred, green and blue in a stripe filter before it hits the image sensor. The individual colored light components are fed to the image sensor, which generates voltages from them.

Structure of a stripe filter

Structure of a stripe filter

Stripe filters are color filters for primary colors with which color information can be filtered out from brightness information. Other color filters are the Bayer filter and the interference filter.

The strip filter consists of color filters for the three primary colors arranged in strips. They are arranged in strips next to each other, directly in front of the sensor elements, and filter the red, green and blue components from the brightness information. The sensors behind them thus generate the three color signals.

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