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A streaming service is a service offered via the Internet that allows users to access movies and music tracks. Providers of such services are service providers who often have several hundred thousand movies and music titles available on their servers. Streaming is comparable to a download with the difference that the downloaded files are not permanently stored on the computer.

Streaming service providers have interesting offers and constantly produce new series and movies. Compared to classic broadcast offers, streaming offers have the advantage that movies or music titles can be accessed and viewed at any time and from any location. They are therefore on-demand. The streaming offers are individual, the customer can choose the movie according to his interests and preferences from hundreds of categories. In addition, the movies can be interrupted during viewing and can also be presented in the original version or with subtitles.

There are a wide variety of usage models for streaming services. For example, there is free streaming, which is refinanced by advertising. This model is also known as zero- rating. In addition, there is the test free streaming service, which is made available free of charge for a short period of time. There is also the subscription service, which is compensated by a monthly flat fee, and the service where each downloaded movie must be paid for individually.

Music streaming services

The usage models of music streaming are the same as those of streaming video. There are numerous service providers for music streaming, some of which have several million music titles. Among the better known are:Soundcloud and Mixcloud offers music streaming for free retrieval without limit. With Spotify , as with most streaming services, the retrieval of music titles is free of charge. The counter-financing takes place via advertisements. Several million songs are stored on Spotify's servers. The situation is different with Apple Music, which offers a free download for several months. After that, subscription fees become due. The business model of Napster, Deezer and Amazon Prime Music, which also charge a monthly fee after a free trial period, is comparable. YouTube 's servers offer various music services, including Sony Music, which can be downloaded.

In addition to the aforementioned providers, there are also some niche providers whose streaming services can be used for free or for a small monthly fee.

Known streaming services

Known streaming services

Streaming services for movies

There are millions of series and movies on the servers of the video streaming providers. The offer includes all divisions and much niches and can be accessed and played anytime and anywhere with Internet TVs, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Depending on the movie resolution, display size and refresh rate, data rates of 200 Mbit/s and more are sometimes required for high-definition viewing.

As far as streaming services for movies are concerned, Neflix is certainly one of the better-known providers for series. For most providers, the business model is based on a monthly usage fee. This is also the case with Maxdome, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. Additional costs are incurred for blockbusters. The video streaming offering also includes niche markets such as that for sporting events. These include DAZN with an international sports offering, Sky Sport Ticket , and Eurosport Player.

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