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The trailing effect is a phenomenon that occurs in video cameras and displays and is due to the inertia of the phosphorescent and emitting particles.

The trailing effect shows up in fast-moving displays in the form of a trailing tail. It is particularly visible in high- contrast displays, for example when a bright or dark object moves in front of a dark or bright background.

In video cameras the trailing effect is related to the charging and discharging of the individual capacitors, so in CCD sensors when the charge of the capacitors cannot be discharged fast enough and when the capacitor is charged it still contains some of the previous charge.

It is similar with displays. In LCD and TFT displays, the liquid crystals are relatively inertand cannot be switched to another state fast enough. In monitors with classic cathode ray tubes( CRT), the phosphors have an inertia that is reflected in the fluorescence and phosphorescence.

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