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stranded wire

Stranded wires are electrical conductors consisting of a bundle of enamel-insulated individual wires. The individual wires are formed into a strand by stranding, or by strangling, which is the arbitrary joining of individual wires into a bundle.

Stranded wires are surrounded by a sheathing, which forms the outer cable protection and insulates the stranded wire and protects it against mechanical stresses, environmental influences and electrical contact.

Stranded wire, photo:

Stranded wire, photo:

Stranded wires can consist of a few and up to several hundred thin individual wires. Because the many individual wires make them much more flexible than rigid cables, they are not susceptible to bending or conductor breakage. In addition, the skin effect is not as strong as with solid conductors, because the total surface area of all individual stranded wires is much larger than that of a single solid conductor. For the reasons mentioned, stranded wires are used wherever flexibility and a lower skin effect are required, such as in patch cables, antenna cables, microphone cables, speaker cables and power cables.

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