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storage as a service (cloud computing) (SaaS)

Storage in the cloud, this is how the cloud service Storage-as-a-Service( SaaS) can be interpreted. With this business model of cloud storage, large enterprises and medium-sized companies rent storage space in the storage cloud and thus have access to unlimited storage resources.

With the SaaS concept, the cloud provider provides the company with the storage capacities it needs for storage, archiving and backup. The user can work independently of demand, because sufficient storage space is made available even for short-term storage requirements. He is much more flexible, is always provided with the latest technology and has no investments in storage systems and arrays and their care and maintenance.

In addition, the user can specify quality features such as availability and downtime and recovery times in his quality of service agreements( SLA). As with the other cloud services, billing with the cloud provider is based on usage.

Storage-as-a-Service is offered by well-known providers. For example, IBM, BMC, EMC, Carbonati, Seagate, Symantec and others.

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