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station management (FDDI) (SMT)

Station Management(SMT) describes the functions and components as well as the interface services required to initiate and operate an FDDI ring, and the procedures that take effect in the event of an error and cause the ring to be reconfigured.

Furthermore, the document describes the interface to the management process of the entire station (Management Agent Process), to which it is connected via a corresponding instance, the Layer Management Interface( LMI). In addition, the document defines the topology of FDDI with the associated classification of FDDI nodes and their functionalities.

The four components of the FDDI standard

The four components of the FDDI standard

Station Management distinguishes the different FDDI nodes - Dual Attachment Station( DAS), Dual Attachment Concentrator( DAC), Single Attachment Station( SAS), Single Attachment Concentrator( SAC) - based on different characteristics of PHY and PMD instances. Each PMD type is defined by the assignment of the MIC connector and thus carries specific protocols that are defined in the station management.

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