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standards promotion and application group (SPAG)

Twelve European manufacturers are organised in the Standards Promotion and Application Group (SPAG). The SPAG group was founded in 1984 on the initiative of the Commission of the European Communities. Since 1986 SPAG exists as an independent company (SPAG Services) with the member companies as partners. SPAG is the European representative of Corporation for Open Systems (COS).

SPAG is active in the following areas:

Services (for SPAG members and others) in the field of interoperability testing.

Development of protocol profiles. These profiles are published in the Guide to the Use of Standards (GUS). The SPAG profiles strongly influence European standardisation, which is carried out by the European standardisation bodies Comité Européen de Normalisation (CEN), Comité Europeen de Normalisation (CENELEC) and Conférence Européenne des Administration des Postes (CEPT). The SPAG application layer profiles:

A/1 File Transfer, Access and Management

A/11 File Transfer

A/111 Simple File Transfer : Unstructured

A/112 Positional File Transfer : Flat

A/113 Full File Transfer : Hierarchical

A/12 File Access

A/122 Positional File Access: Flat

A/123 Full File Access : Hierarchical

A/13 File Store Management

A/2 Public Telematic Services

A/22 Teletex

A/221 Basic Teletex

A/23 Facsimile

A/231 Group 4(digital and OSI conformance)

A/24 Mixed Mode

A/241 Basic Teletex and Facsimile

A/3 Message Handling Services

A/31 Access to Public Message Handling Services

A/311 UA+MTA : PRMD to ADMD (P2+P1)

A/312 UA+SDE to ADMD (P3+P2)

A/314 Teletex Terminal to ADMD (P5)

A/32 Access to Private Message Handling Services

A/321 UA+MTA : PRMD to PRMD (P2+P1)

A/3211 Long-Term Full Service

A/323 MTA-MTA : Intra-PRMD (P2+P1)

A/325 MailboxService Access (P7)

A/4 Real-Time Interactive Connections (for further study)

A/5 Open Systems Management (for further study)

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