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standard RGB (sRGB)

The standardized RGB color space(sRGB) proposed by Microsoft and Hewlett Packard in the 1990s has been implemented by many well-known manufacturers in the computer industry in their hardware and software products and implemented in exchange formats and graphics file formats. It is used in computers, displays and color printers.

The sRGB color space is the lowest common denominator that could be found for color reproduction on different media. The color space is relatively limited and covers only a smaller portion of the visible color spectrum. Standard RGB (sRGB) uses the CIE color space as a reference and defines the color coordinates for the three primary colorsred (R), green (G) and blue (B) in this space. The xy coordinate values for red are then 0.640/0.330, for green 0.300/0.600 and for blue 0.150/0.060.

sRGB color space

sRGB color space

The color space of standard RGB can represent about 35% of the visible colors defined in the CIE color space. Some graphics programs and television standards use slightly different coordinate values with which a larger color space can be represented, for example with the Adobe RGB color space.

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