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stadardization group for embedded technology (SGET)

SGeT e.V. (Stadardization Group for Embedded Technology) is a technically and scientifically oriented association based in Munich. The tasks of the SGeT is the promotion of science and research and the integration of the results into existing computer technologies.

One standard developed by the SGeT is Embedded-NUC (Next Unit of Computing), based on the compact Intel NUC system. This embedded-NUC standard is a versatile small form factor for small multifunctional computer boards and box PCs. The SGeT has defined the features and interfaces, the cooling system and various options for memory integration. In addition, computer modules and single- board computers should be able to be included.

Unlike other small form factor units, embedded NUC is supported by many computer vendors. As long as developers and manufacturers adhere to the embedded NUC specifications, it is ensured that their developments meet the specified requirements and are compatible.

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