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Spreadsheets are application programs that relate data and content in a structured overview. The characteristic of a table, which is composed of rows and columns, is used in spreadsheets for linking formulas and functions, as well as data and text.

In addition, the contents of individual columns, rows and even individual table cells can be calculated individually by formulas and functions or linked to table cells from other columns or rows.

The mathematical operations of spreadsheets include functions of general mathematics such as summation or difference, trigonometric functions such as the calculation of sine and cosine, financial mathematics, the analysis of statistics such as the determination of the peak or average value, logical links in the form of "not", "or" and "and", as well as the concatenation of texts.

Spreadsheet analysis with Excel

Spreadsheet analysis with Excel

Spreadsheet programs are used in administration, accounting, presentation and engineering. They are often combined with graphical programs to create presentation graphics.

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