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spray-on antenna

Spray antennas or spray-on antennas consist of conductive material that is dissolved in a liquid in such a way that it can be sprayed onto shaped, non-conductive materials.

Because the spray-on layer is extremely thin, has no weight, and is not bulky, spray-on antennas are suitable for flexible smart wearables, medical wearables, and small mobile devices

such as tracking equipment. Spray-on

antenna, photo:

antenna, photo:

Spray-on antennas can be applied with a spray gun or airbrush. The spray material is a conductive metallic compound dissolved in a liquid. The inorganic compound being researched for this purpose is called MXene. Titanium carbide is used as the starting material, which is sprayed in an extremely thin layer of a few nanometers. The thickness of the sprayed layer determines the optimal antenna parameters. Thus, the highest antenna performance is achieved with a thickness of a few micrometers.

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