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Spline is a technique used in graphics

editing for curving and modeling lines, surfaces, and objects. In this technique, the line construction is given several control points distributed in space. By moving these control points

, the line or surface is smoothly deformed. The result is a line that has no edges or corners.

B-Spline with nine control points

B-Spline with nine control points

The spline technique distinguishes between cubic splines and basic splines, so-called B-splines.

In the case of cubic splines, two control points are connected with a third-order curve in each case, which means that for any number of points (n), n-1 third-degree polygons

must be formed. The cubic splines are computed so that each curve passes through all the control points. In B-splines, on the other hand, the curve is determined by p+1 control points and consists of "p" curve pieces. The spline technique is very efficient and can also be applied to 3D models. One of the better known spline techniques are the Bézier curves.

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