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splice box

Splice boxesare used to hold one or more splice cassettes as well as the cable reserve of the incoming and outgoing optical fibers. They are usually installed in distribution cabinets, have a height of 2 height units and interchangeable front panels for different FO connector systems. Splice boxes form the end point of a fiber optic link and fan out the individual incoming fibers.

In splice boxes, the optical fibers are inserted at the rear and secured against tensile loads. In the front panel of the splice box there are FO feed-through connectors into which the prepared pigtails are inserted. Via a splice, the pigtails are connected to the incoming fiber ends, provided with a shrink splice protection and inserted into splice combs. The splice combs are snapped into the splice cassette.

Splice cassette with crimp splice, photo: Corning Cable

Splice cassette with crimp splice, photo: Corning Cable

Splice cassettes are for clear storage of fiber splices and fiber reserves. The cassettes can be used for all fiber types(loose tubes, hollow tubes and solid tubes) and optical fibers. The mostly post standardized designs can accommodate 8 to 12 fibers.

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