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sound quality

Sound quality is based on the subjective perception of listeners and depends on many different factors. The subjective perception is confirmed by objective criteria. Factors that influence the sound quality are the recording quality, the quality of the amplifiers and filter components and the room sound, which is mainly determined by the room size and its reflection behaviour, by the quality and frequency range of the loudspeakers

, their arrangement and placement. The sound quality is determined by the sound recording and its sampling rate

, the quality of theaudio compression

, theamplifier and transmission components such as

theaudio ampl

ifier, the power amplifier

and their amplifierclasses

andthe speaker cables. As for the sampling rate, the sound quality is significantly affected by it and the audio compression used. MP3 and AAC compression show some quality limitations. Besides, there are compressed file formats with better quality characteristics. These include AC-3 audio compression, the DTS audio file format and the Flac codec, although it should be noted that the 44.1 kHz sampling rate for CDs cannot compete in quality with the higher sampling rates of 96 kHz and 192 kHz used in DVD-Audio and Dolby Surround


Lossless and lossy audio compression

Lossless and lossy audio compression

Objective and measurable criteria for sound quality are the audible frequency range, the delay behaviour of the various frequencies

, theresulting reverberation

as well as thereverberation time, reflections, diffusions and absorptions of

certain frequency ranges. Ultimately, the room acoustics and the sound system are decisive for the perceived sound quality.

Multi-channel reproduction options with tweeters, mid-range speakers and woofers, with front, rear and ceiling speakers and with surround sound are evidence of impressive developments. Examples of this are Dolby Digital and Digital Theatre Sound (DTS).

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