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solid state battery

As can be seen from the name solid state battery, solid state battery or solid state accumulator, such a battery consists exclusively of solid materials. As with other batteries, the two electrodes are made of solid material, but also, and this makes the difference, the electrolyte is made of solid material. In most other types of batteries, it is liquid.

In the various solid state batteries, Solid State Batteries, the positive anode is graphite silicon or lithium and the negative cathode is aluminum or carbon. Between the two electrodes is the solid electrolyte. In the case of the lithium polymer( LiPo) battery, it is a polymer-based film; in other solid-state batteries, the electrolyte is polymer-ceramic, made of a lithium or glass-ceramic compound through which the lithium ions can diffuse. The permeable ceramic is a good ion conductor and blocks the electrons.

The ionic conductivity reduces the internal resistance and increases the energy density. The decisive factor is how well the electrolyte conducts the ions. Recent developments show high ion conductivity in contrast to batteries with liquid electrolyte. The better the ion conductivity, the lower the internal resistance of the battery, which has a direct influence on the energy density, which is very high at up to 800 Wh/kg. In contrast, the power density is low because the electrical resistance between the electrodes and the electrolyte limits the current draw. With a polymer-ceramic electrolyte, charge transport to the anode is improved.

Solid-state batteries can be constructed using thin-film technology, they are extremely flat and can be used in smart cards and smart wearables. Because of their high energy density and fire resistance, solid-state batteries are also expected to be used in electric vehicles in the medium term. A disadvantage is the low current with which these batteries can be charged.

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