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software in the loop (SiL)

Software-in-the-loop(SiL) is a framework for the simulation and testing ofhardware developments. It is a method to meet the ever shorter development cycles and the increasing quality requirements.

Software-in-the-loop is intended to solve the problems caused by the different development times for the hardware and the software. The same applies to later requirements that are to be incorporated into product development. In SiL development, the hardware design is followed by the development phase for the simulation followed by the development of the hardware-dependent software. The final stage in the SiL process is hardware-software integration and the test phase.

In addition to the Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) simulation model, there are also the Hardware-in-the-Loop( HiL), Processor-in-the-Loop (PiL) and Model-in-the-Loop( MiL) models.

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