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software development life cycle (SDLC)

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) deals with software testing in the life cycle

characterized by software requirements, software design, implementation and coding, and maintenance. In Software Development Life Cycle, software testing can be performed during the different phases of the life cycle through manual inspection, through end-to-end testing, simulation, static analysis, verification and regression testing. Thus, requirements specification, which is about correctness, completeness and consistency, is done manually and with end-to-end testing. The same applies to the design phase, where simulations are also used. In this software lifecycle phase, the focus is on the system structure and its completeness, interfaces and faulty logic. In the implementation life phase, the program codes are checked and executed using static and dynamic analyses, and during maintenance, errors are eliminated using regression tests. During this test, the test cases are processed several times. By processing the test cases several times, it is prevented as far as possible that changes in the software or further developments have resulted in new malfunctions.

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