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software defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Software Defined WAN(SD-WAN), like Software Defined Networking( SDN), is a concept where network control is software-based and separate from hardware. The SD-WAN layer model has multiple layers that optimize the routing ofdata packets and automatically determines the most effective route to data centers and enterprises.

As with the SDN network, the SD-WAN layer model consists of the Control Plane( CP), which determines the optimal route, and the Data Plane( DP), which performs the routing of data packets. In the SD-WAN concept, controllers play an important role as they control the various switches and routers and distribute policies to the network nodes.

SDN network configuration with Control Plane and Data Plane

SDN network configuration with Control Plane and Data Plane

The software manages all network-relevant data centrally: for example, information about routing and network management, configuration and security policies. The software control creates flexible structures to which new links can easily be added or connection structures changed. Security policies can also be flexibly deployed and increased on transmission links with high security requirements.

SD-WANs abstract private and public links, fixed networks, optical networks, the Internet, and mobile networks, allowing existing WAN links to be maintained. They are used as tunnels to optimize bandwidth and determine the most effective route. Centralized network control allows traffic to be managed in real time.

Software Defined WANs can be used to determine the most effective route through the network. Flexible structures can be built, WAN traffic and links can be optimized in terms of cost, utilization and data security. In addition, congestion can be prevented and delays and packet loss can be minimized.

Advantages of SD-WANs.

SD-WAN technology can dynamically shift traffic across different networks and links, optimizing bandwidth. If one link fails, traffic can be redirected to other links. This makes it possible to react quickly in the event of a failover and achieve a high level of fail-safety. This is also reflected in the reduction of latency times.

Centrally controlled network management allows administrators to replace expensive private networks with less expensive public networks.

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