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software as a service (cloud computing) (SaaS)

Software as a Service(SaaS) means software as a service. The Saas model, which is very similar to the concept of application service providers( ASP), is based on customers downloading their software from the Internet as needed as software on demand.

The SaaS concept, with its on-demand computing, came about as a result of the increasing integration of the Internet in private and business applications and thus the development of cloud computing. Since in the SaaS approach the costs of operating the information technology systems are the responsibility of the provider, the proximity to application service providers is unmistakable.

SaaS concepts are designed to reduce ICT costs. They do so because there are no license fees and because the costs of time-consuming implementation, operation, application maintenance and upkeep are much lower. As a Web-based service with on-demand availability, many costs are transferred to the provider. Another aspect is the scalability of SaaS solutions and the high flexibility associated with it. The cloud provider must react flexibly to new customer requirements at any time, regardless of whether higher performance, greater capacities, new applications or 24-hour service are required.

The evolution from grid computing to cloud computing

The evolution from grid computing to cloud computing

In addition to the administrative and organizational aspects, there are also security-related aspects, since IT security plays a decisive role, which is thus assumed, at least in part, by the SaaS provider.

There are a wide variety of billing models for Software as a Service. For example, the billing model can be based on the number of users per month. In this case, the service user pays a fixed monthly amount for each registered user. In another cost model, payment is based on the range of functions and the number of users. The higher the range of functions, the higher the monthly costs. There are also cost models in which the SaaS provider provides a basic version free of charge and only charges for the extended range of functions.

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