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Social shopping promises an eventful shopping experience. In this form of social commerce, users can actively participate, exchange ideas, advise each other and, if necessary, charge money for their contributions. Social shopping stands for "having more fun in shared shopping experiences." And for this, there are also the corresponding national websites that have adopted the social shopping trend from the US role models,, or,,, or and various others.

Whereas classic e-commerce is all about products, product ranges and prices, social shopping is all about people, referred to here as shoppers, and exchanges with others. The shopping partner is found by presenting one's interests and preferences and thus finding shoppers with similar interests with whom one can exchange ideas, browse through offers and product ranges, and who can give tips, make suggestions, and make recommendations.

Homepage of the shopping website

Homepage of the shopping website

Social shopping is not only user-oriented, but can also intervene in the assortment policy of suppliers by allowing users to create their own models or variants.

There are many different approaches to social shopping. They can be expressed in an open shopping community that buys together in group-buying, in a high-quality assortment of goods, in low-priced bargains, or in a sales policy that offers only one product a day, as at

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