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The translation of social games is social games. Since this term is used in Germany for learning techniques and social behavior, the English term is used in the context of Social games are online games via social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Xing or Linkedln. They are mostly free computer games that people play in a social environment with friends and acquaintances.

Social games can be browser games or designed for smartphones and are subject to revenue-generating business models. One cost model is non-commercial, another is indirectly-commercial, and a third is commercial. Non-commercial social games are free of charge. The objective is to draw attention to a specific social goal or social grievances. It is different with the indirectly commercial cost model, where the basic version is often provided free of charge. As soon as the player wants additional functions, smaller amounts are charged. And in the purely commercial model, the basic version can be free, with revenue generated by additional products.

Social games feature stimulus offerings, where points or rewards provide incentives to play. The point systems, score or other ranking systems are discussed among friends in the social networks and ensures a ranking that is only ensured by more points.

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