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The SmartTAN procedure is a secure transaction procedure for online banking that works in two steps. Hence the name two-step TAN procedure.

In two-step procedures, which also include the mobile transaction number( mTAN), the transaction and the transmission of the transaction number (TAN) take place separately in two steps. A logical link is established between the online order and the generated transaction number. As with all other TAN procedures, the transaction number can only be used once, in this case only for the corresponding online order.

The different TAN procedures

The different TAN procedures

According to the procedure, with SmartTAN the transfer is executed in online banking and transmitted to the bank. During this process, the customer is shown the transaction data and a code for the transaction on his terminal. After comparing and entering the transaction code with the recipient account number, the transaction number (TAN) is generated and displayed. It must then be entered by the customer. The secured transaction then takes place.

The Smart-TAN procedure is available in a further security level as SmartTAN plus, protected notation: Sm@rtTAN plus.

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