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smart sensor

A smartsensor is an intelligent sensor equipped with computing power. It can record physical quantities, process them according to specified functions and output them as digital information. Corresponding sensors work accurately and can process measured values that are affected by noise or other disturbances in such a way that the measurement result is not impaired by them.

Smart sensors provide measured value acquisition, signal conditioning and processing. They perform counting functions and optical multifunctions as required in photoelectric sensors and photoelectric proximity switches, and they are used in smart diagnostics of physical quantities. For the various bus systems such as the Modbus, CAN bus, CANopen or Ethernet, they have digital interfaces and in some cases even radio modules. They are equipped with microprocessors that have low power consumption. The microprocessor processes the measured values, digitizes and converts them. Communication takes place via amplifiers and transmitters, whose energy requirements are covered by batteries and energy harvesting.

Functional units of a smart sensor

Functional units of a smart sensor

As a service platform, smart connected sensors( SCS) use cloud services on which they store their data. There, further processing of the measurement data takes place, which is used for long-term analyses and as comparative values. Authorized users can access this data via a programming interface. Additional functions can also be managed in the cloud, and reference and limit values can be entered for comparisons and alarms.

Applications for smart sensors include science and research, environmental monitoring and control, weather stations, and smart grid control. Several hundred or thousand can work together in the Internet of Things( IoT) in a Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks(WSAN).

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