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smart patch

Intelligent plasters, smart patches, belong to the medical wearables and are used in medical technology in diagnosis and therapy for long-term monitoring and medication. The patches are battery-powered electronic patches equipped with numerous sensors and some actuators, which are stuck to the human skin and measure various vital signs.

The vital signs measured include body temperature, skin resistance, physical activities such as exercise, resting time, electrocardiograms as real-time ECG and long-term ECG, and various other vital signs are recorded. The collected data is transmitted to a smartphone or tablet PC, just like the smart patch. They can be presented to the doctor or sports physicians.

Intelligent patch for vital signs, photo: Deutsche Telekom.

Intelligent patch for vital signs, photo: Deutsche Telekom.

In addition to the pure monitoring functions, smart patches can also be remotely controlled by the attending physician. If certain symptoms of illness are reported during patient monitoring, then with these smart patches the doctor can also release a set dose of a drug that is administered to the patient via the skin.

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