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smart object

Smart objects are intelligent objects. They are objects that capture, store and process information and interact with other objects, systems or with people. Smart objects can be embedded in other objects and collect data via sensors, but also perform control functions via actuators. They can incorporate captured data into the information flow and communicate with other IoT devices in theInternet of Things (IoT) or Wireless Internet of Things(WIoT).

Smart objects belong to the smart devices and have certain characteristic features. These include small size and extremely low power consumption, so they can run on batteries or via energy harvesting or micro energy harvesting( MEH) for years. They also have a microprocessor and can transmit their data at low data rates over Low Power and Lossy Networks( LLN) and Wireless PersonalArea Networks(WPAN) with extremely low power requirements in accordance with IEEE 802.15.4.

The huge range for the use of smart objects includes industrial application areas, environmental technology, the smart home with the control of household appliances, security, heating, air conditioning and lighting technology, the health and wellness sector with patient monitoring, logistics with the control, storage and monitoring of goods traffic up to the sales shelf, the energy technology of smart grids with energy measurement as well as controlled energy feed-in and withdrawal, traffic technology with its information facilities such as Intelligent Roadside Stations( IRS) or the exchange of information between vehicles, car-to-car communication. Examples of smart objects include radio tags and RFID tags, smart packaging, smart dust, smart wearables and smart sensors and actuators.

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