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smart lighting

The term Smart Lighting refers to lighting systems that can be switched by electronic switches or regulated by electronic control units, depending on the stage of development. In the future, the concept of Smart Lighting can also be used for wireless information transmission, as the example of Light Fidelity( LiFi) or Visible Light Communication( VLC) shows.

Smart Lighting, the automatic or intelligent control of lighting, is a concept for home lighting in which, depending on the stage of development, room lighting is switched on or off by motion sensors or the brightness of ceiling and wall lamps can be controlled by remote control according to the wishes and ideas of the user. Smart lighting systems use lighting management and can automatically adjust lighting based on brightness and time. If smart bulbs are used in smart lighting, then the brightness and color temperature ofLED lights can also be adjusted by app via smartphone.

Development stages of smart lighting systems

Development stages of smart lighting systems

Smart lighting concepts can also be used for wireless information transmission. For example, for controlling lighting modules, but equally for transmitting data from entertainment devices. In these concepts, which are implemented in Light Fidelity (LiFi) and Visible Light Communication (VLC), information is transmitted via visible light. Special light-emitting diodes (LEDs), grouped in bundles, take over the function of access points( AP) of WLANs and act as routers. These light-emitting diode bundles, called smart lights, can be used for normal room lighting and simultaneously modulated with the data they receive from the server or a network access device via the power cable using Powerline. Data rates reached 10 Mbit/s in the test installations. Line-of-sight( LOS) is required for transmission to the end devices, personalcomputers, printers, PDAs or other mobile devices. On the other hand, wireless connectivity of smart lighting can also serve future control via the Internet of Things( IoT).

In addition to home and office applications, smart lighting can also be imagined in aircraft and in automotive technology, which can be used, for example, to signal to following motor vehicles that a braking process has been initiated.

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