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smart hard hat (SHH)

A Smart Hard Hat (SHH) is an intelligent safety helmet that is equipped with various sensors and collects data

from the helmet wearer's environment. This data is intended to improve occupational safety and make work more effective. Intelligent safety helmets are worn, among others, by workers in logistics and construction as well as in building and civil engineering and protect the wearer from hazards. The built-in sensors observe and track the environmental conditions to which the user is exposed during work. In addition to data from the environment, smart hard hats can also record various biometric data such as breathing, pulse rate or fatigue and alert the user to health restrictions. This can be done acoustically or haptically


Smart safety helmet, photo:

Smart safety helmet, photo:

If smart safety helmets are integrated into the Internet of Things (IoT), then the data can be sent to the company or a responsible person via WLANs and the Internet and archived.

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