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smart energy profile (smart grid) (SEP)

Smart EnergyProfile (SEP) is a public application profile used in smart grid applications such as Automatic Meter Reading( AMR) or Home Area Networks( HAN). The SEP profile is a ZigBee profile and supports Energy Services Interfaces( ESI), smart meters, In-Home Displays( IHD), and other devices.

The SEP profile operates on the ZigBee protocol stack and can download data in fast mode. It also supports multiple ESI interfaces and can monitor tariffs and payment methods. The Smart Energy Profile 2 (SEP2) version is a global IP-based standard that has several enhancements over the first version. For example, SEP2 can be used to control the charging process of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles( PHEV). Furthermore, home area networks controlled by SEP2 can include multiple apartments in apartment blocks and larger residential complexes and use IP-based transport protocols.

SEP2 is being promoted by various stakeholders, manufacturers, and energy providers. For example, by companies that manufacture smart meters, programmable thermostats, or other energy consumption control devices.

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