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smart clothes

Smart clothing, smart clothes or smart wearables, are garments that consist of smart textiles or e-textiles, or in which smart components such as sensors, RFID tags or micro-computers are embedded.

RFID tags and embedded micro systems enable wireless connection and transmission of data. For example, these transmitters in garments can take care of the perpetual inventory of stock in a clothing company. Another application example: customers are recognized via the RFID chip in their smart clothes after entering thestore and the customer history is called up. In this way, customers can be advised based on their individual preferences.

Smart clothes with integrated display, photo:

Smart clothes with integrated display, photo:

However, the term smart clothes is also generally used for garments with electronic functions. For example, built-in electronic devices can check the health status of their wearer, monitor vital functions such as pulse rate or blood pressure, register sports activities or provide entertainment media. This includes mobile communication or the MP3 player.

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