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smart building

The term smart building stands for intelligent building, as opposed to a smart home, which stands for an intelligent dwelling. Smart buildings are office buildings, shopping malls or hotels whose technical infrastructure is controlled by networked sensors, actuators and control units

. In smart buildings, the technical facilities such as the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, alarm system, video surveillance, lighting, locking systems and other facilities can be optimized by sensor technologies in terms of energy consumption and security concerns. In addition, the collected data can be made available to the building management system

and the building operator for optimization purposes and analyses. In this context, smart networking can represent a varying degree of penetration, ranging from simple networking of individual technical components, to an extended networking concept with monitoring and control options, to complete networking of all infrastructure components. The networking concepts for smart buildings should include modern technical approaches such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) for supplying the many sensors and actuators so that these components are not dependent on battery power.

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