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smart access

Smart Access is a concept for the use of motor vehicles with a virtual key. In car sharing or bike sharing, the cars or bikes are constantly used by different people. Since neither the following driver nor his address is known, conventional keys cannot be used because they would have to be handed over to the following driver.

Smart Access uses virtual keys that are transferred to the following car renter via smartphone. This concept is called Smart Accesss. The virtual key is transferred to the smartphone of the vehicle renter and, after one-time authentication, is unlocked and can be used to open the vehicle door. The location of the vehicle is determined with the built-in navigation system and communicated to the Car-Sharing center via a GPS module. This transmits the position to the new vehicle renter.

Communication between the smartphone and the vehicle takes place via Bluetooth Low Energy( BLE) or NFC technology. As soon as the smartphone comes close to the vehicle and Smart Access is triggered, the vehicle door opens and the vehicle can then be started using the start button.

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