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Skimming means skimming off. Card skimming is the English term for spying on credit cards and EC cards at ATMs or at the point of sale( PoS). There are several skimming approaches to obtain the credit card data stored on the magnetic strip.

Generally, it is about the account data of the spied person and the personal identification number( PIN). The skimming technique is based on a man-in-the-middle attack in which the card reader is manipulated, for example in which the perpetrators build a manipulated card reader on top of the original card reader and read the card data via the manipulated card reader.

In another variant, the card reader is manipulated at the entrance door to the ATM. Spying out the input data using a hidden video camera is also used in many cases.

Once the data has been read from the magnetic card, the perpetrators use blank cards to produce new card duplicates that are accepted by ATMs in exactly the same way as the original credit cards.

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