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six sigma

Six Sigma is a framework for IT Service Management

(ITSM). It is a quality assurance method that was first systematically applied by Motorola in the USA in 1987. The goal of Six Sigma is to reduce errors in company processes, e.g. in production or online order processing. Six Sigma is subdivided into various sub-methods. The most commonly used method is the DMAIC cycle, Define - Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control (DMAIC). In the DMAIC cycle, the definition phase identifies the project objectives and customer deliverables. Subsequent phases of the cycle focus on current performance, identifying deficiencies and eliminating errors, and controlling process performance. An alternative cycle

is the DMADV cycle: Define - Measure - Analyze - Design - Verify. Six Sigma became best known for its successful application at General Electric beginning in 1996 under the leadership of their then CEO Jack Welsh. Six Sigma is often used by online companies to reduce the error rate in customer processes and fulfillment to a minimum.

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