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A sitemap is a hierarchically structured page overview of a website. It shows in a tree structure how the individual web pages of a website are arranged among each other. As a content overview, a sitemap makes it easier to find information and creates an immediate overview of the structure of the information offered.

A sitemap can contain interactive graphical elements that, when activated by a mouse click, perform certain actions, such as activating a hyperlink to a text document, graphic or other file.

Sitemaps can be XML files and support search engines in searching and crawling individual web pages. The XML files contain the Internet address( URL) of the web page and metadata with short texts, keywords and current date.

Sitemap of the website of the city of Dillingen

Sitemap of the website of the city of Dillingen

In the case of the website, the sitemap shows how the topics and subject areas are structured. This starts with the domain and leads over the ten subject areas to the about hundred subject areas, which are partly divided into sub-subject areas. From the subject areas and the sub-subject areas, it then goes to the individual web pages.

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