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single point of failure (SPoF)

Single point of failure (SPoF) is the term used to describe system components or system paths that render the system inoperable in the event of a failure. This always applies when a component assumes a central function in the overall system, is not available redundantly and, in the event of failure, impairs the functions of the other components.

SPoF components are responsible for the reliable functionality of the overall system. They are the weak points within a system or network that have a direct impact on the availability and high availability of systems. SPoF components can be switches or routers, unsecured back-end servers or clusters, and even just a faulty connector.

To prevent failures and for security reasons, in tamper- proof systems, as required for blockchains, data is distributed to connected computers from peer-to-peer networks and updated simultaneously. This ensures that the blockchain cannot be manipulated.

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