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single input single output (WLAN) (SISO)

In radio transmissions, the reception level is a decisive factor for the transmission quality and the transmittable data rate. Classic radio technology was based on a transmit signal being emitted by an antenna on the transmit side and received by an antenna on the receive side.

This single-antenna system with one transmitting and one receiving antenna is called Single Input Single Output, or SISO for short. If two antennas are used on the receiving side, this is called Single Input Dual Output (SIDO).

Multi-antenna systems

Multi-antenna systems

SISO systems are used in broadcasting for radio and television, but also for the familiar mobile radio systems. To increase the reception field strength and thus the reception quality and the transmittable data rate, multiple antennas or even antenna arrays are used on the transmitting and/or receiving side. These multiple antenna systems are called Multiple Input Single Output( MISO), Single Input Multiple Output ( SIMO) and Multiple Input Multiple Output ( MIMO), depending on whether one or more antennas are used on the transmitting and receiving sides.

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