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simple network management protocol v2 (SNMPv2)

The SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol) and Secure SNMP are merged in SNMPv2. In the security functions, authentication prevents data from being falsified or the sender of data from being imitated. The MD5algorithm is currently being discussed here. The data itself is encrypted, if desired, by the DES algorithm, which ensures very high eavesdropping security.

Ultimately, these differentiation options result in the formation of security classes for manager and agent; a model that has also proven itself in other areas.

The main differences between SNMP and SNMPv2 are that version 2 uses not only the IP protocol and the User Datagram Protocol( UDP), but also other switching protocols such as the IPX protocol, Appletalk and OSI protocols. A bulk retrieval mechanism ensures that you can get table-like information from agents with a brisk protocol, in addition, SNMPv2 provides manager-manager communications.

SNMPv2 defines several new data types, including for OSI addresses as well as for event counting. An important goal of SNMPv2 is backward compatibility with SNMP, allowing the entire MIB definitions to continue to be used. An improvement in security is achieved with the SNMPv3 protocol, which is based on SNMPv2.

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