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A signature is a special combination of data assigned to a person for identification purposes. A signature is largely equivalent to an electronic business card that can be attached to a document, such as an e-mail or a fax.

In the case of e-mails, this is referred to as a mail signature. The prerequisite for such a signature is an e-mail program that contains this option. Mostly, such mail signatures consist only of name and e-mail address, sometimes the postal address and a link to the homepage of the author are added. Signatures are meant to replace the headers that some email programs automatically truncate upon receipt.

Signature variants

Signature variants

Signatures are divided into signature classes depending on the security requirements. There is the electronic signature, the simple electronic signature, the advanced electronic signature and the qualified electronic signature. In addition to the normal signatures, there are the digital signatures, which are created using an algorithm. Digital signatures are intended to guarantee the authenticity of a document and the sender, whereas mail signatures serve a cultural purpose.

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