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short message service (mobile communications) (SMS)

Short Message Service(SMS) is the short message service for transmitting short messages to mobile subscribers. This service is comparable to paging, but goes beyond the possibilities of paging due to guaranteed data transmission. Thus, the SMS service can be used to send messages from almost any network: from a cell phone via the cellular network, from a personal computer( PC) via ISDN or the Internet.

The reception options are similarly diverse: from cell phones to faxes to e-mail. For example, electronic messages sent to an MHS system via X.400 could be forwarded to the cell phone. In addition, SMS can also be used for bearer services to transfer data to the cell phone. If the SMS messages are transmitted between two persons, it is Person to Person( P2P) transmission, if the message transmission is between an application and a mobile subscriber, it is called Application to Person ( A2P), if the message transmission is between a mobile subscriber and an application, it is called Person to Application ( P2A) and if the messaging is between two applications, it is called Application to Application ( A2A)...

Types of short message service operators

The SMS standard distinguishes between Mobile Originated( MO) and Mobile Terminated( MT). When short messages are transmitted, they are first created on the cell phone keypad or on the personal computer, then transmitted using the store-and-forward method first to the SMS center, temporarily stored there, and then forwarded to the recipient. The sender can query the status of the sent message in the SMS center or have the delivery acknowledged.

SMS dispatch, photo: Viag Interkom

SMS dispatch, photo: Viag Interkom

There are two types of connection: point-to-point (P2P) and cell broadcast( CB). With the P2P connection, messages of 160 characters (with 7-bit coding) or 140 characters (with 8-bit coding) can be transmitted. For cell broadcast messages, these values are reduced to 82 and 93 characters respectively. Transmission takes place digitally via circuit-switched dial-up connections or, in the case of GSM, via the packet-switched control channel. The transmission speed is between 400 bit/s and 500 bit/s. The waiting time before transmission at the short message service center is between 5 and 10 seconds. Signaling for SMS is done via SS7 signaling.

Enhanced SMS services

With Enhanced Messaging Service( EMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service( MMS), the short message service is extended to graphics and multimedia objects, and with Concatenated Short Message(CSM) to overlong short messages. With this technology, up to 255 short messages can be concatenated into one long SMS. The recipient of a Concatenated Short Message receives a continuous message.

Short message services are increasingly being replaced by mobile instant messaging( MIM) as well as multimedia data services such as Rich Communication Services( RCS) or Joyn and social media such as WhatsApp, Ping or Facebook, especially as these offer significantly improved services.

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